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Anna Jane Houghton is a UK-based multimedia artist.

Working across painting, printmaking, sound, and more, Houghton’s work is both vibrant and ephemeral and often resists straightforward classification. In her screenprint works, it’s easy to get lost in the organic hand-made color-block patterns. Persistent dedication to natural elements—trees, leaves, color blocks of the sky—shines through in all her bright and cheerful work.

Houghton earned a Bachelor of Arts/Fine Art in 2017 as well as a Master of Research in Art and Design in 2019. In addition to her art practice, she is a Ph.D. researcher studying Sound and Space in Contemporary Art. She also performs as a musician in an experimental guitar ensemble. 

We interviewed the artist to get more insight into her diverse mutely-media art practice, so keep reading below to learn more about what drives Houghton’s work and varied interests.

Anna Jane Houghton(安娜霍顿)是一位英国的多媒体艺术家。




Houghton at work in her studio - Photo by Marieke Macklon

How did you begin your journey on the road to becoming an artist?

I have always known I wanted to be an artist, before I even knew what an ‘artist’ was, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would strive to lead a creative life. I was always drawn to colour, texture, and pattern in mid-century design and nature, and became completely intoxicated, very young, with the joy of interacting with them.


我一直知道我想成为一名艺术家,在我知道什么是 “艺术家” 之前,我心中从未怀疑过我会努力过一种创造性的生活。我总是被中世纪设计和大自然中的色彩、纹理和图案所吸引,并且在很小的时候就完全沉醉于与它们的互动之中。

“Sefton Summer”: A colorful composition full of playful flora

Was there someone in your early life who inspired you to express yourself creatively?

My mother always taught me about the world through creative means – nutrition through colour, metaphors through lyrics – so in turn, I began to look at everything through a poetic lens, which was transformational in conjuring inspiration from the mundane.



Which artists do you think have had the most influence on your work?

The early line drawings of Matisse have always been a reference point in my work, along with his later bold, cut-out works, which translate beautifully through printmaking techniques. I constantly revisit Hockney’s LA-inspired body of work, the sun-soaked palette seems to sing and I never tire of looking at those works. I am also drawn to the abstract landscapes of Milton Avery, who is also a sublime colourist, along with the muted, meditative grid paintings of Agnes Martin.


我一直以马蒂斯(Matisse)的早期线描画作为参考,还有他后来大胆的剪纸作品,这些作品通过版画技术得到了很好的转化。我不断重温霍克尼(Hockney)受洛杉矶启发的作品,阳光下的调色板似乎在唱歌,我从不厌倦看这些作品。另外,我也被米尔顿-艾弗里(Milton Avery)的抽象风景画所吸引,他也是一个崇高的色彩学家,还有艾格尼丝-马丁(Agnes Martin)的柔和、沉思的网格画。

What keeps you busy outside of the studio?

Outside of the studio I am currently a Ph.D. researcher, studying the use of Sound and Space in Contemporary Art, and a musician, performing under my own name, as a part of an experimental guitar ensemble in curated gallery space. I truly believe that all aspects of my life and work are interlinked and weave together to form a tapestry, which constantly interrogates and informs different aspects of itself.



“False Start”, a calming print of two summer lawn chairs in front of a sublime, atmospheric background

Which medium do you take the most joy from working in?

I find that my practice is split into two threads, so in terms of the visual my favourite medium to work in, is screenprint and all the accidental intricacies that occur during the process, however within my current research I am exploring the ephemeral, invisible, disruptive and affective properties of Sound as an artistic medium.



Which projects are you most proud to have been able to work on?

In March this year I was part of the 2021 edition of Liverpool Biennial ‘The Stomach and The Port’, for which I created a 6-panel public installation in collaboration with Jorgge Menna Barretto, which explored the relationship with local plants as associates rather than products and to document and learn about our surroundings not necessarily through the brain but via the stomach.


今年3月,我参加了2021年的利物浦双年展 “胃与港口”(The Stomach and The Port),为此我与Jorgge Menna Barretto合作创作了一个6板块的公共装置,探讨了与当地植物的关系,视它们为我们的伙伴而不是一种产品,并记录和了解我们周围的环境,而这种了解不一定通过大脑发生,而是通过胃产生。

Do you have any projects coming up we should be on the lookout for?

I am currently working on an EP inspired by the lives of artists, the first track ‘The House That Agnes Built’, based on the life of and work of Agnes Martin, will be released in January on Flexi Vinyl via Mai68 Records. I am looking forward to collaborating with HOTSHU and continuing relations with Slow Down Studio and Selfridges&Co.


我目前正在制作一张以艺术家生活为灵感的EP,第一首歌曲是 “The House That Agnes Built”,这是环绕着Agnes Martin的生活和工作,并将于1月通过Mai68 Records在Flexi Vinyl上发行。我期待着与Hotshu合作,并继续与Slow Down Studio和Selfridges&Co维持良好的工作关系。

Houghton at work in her studio - Photo by Phoebe Jane Barrett

Do you have any advice for young artists who hope to turn their passion into a career?

My advice, if I can offer any at all, would be to share your work freely but not at the expense of your creativity. Social media can make artists feel as if they have to release work at such a fast pace, to keep up with the constant stream of posts, but it is not realistic and can result in an outpouring of work with no heart, so to summarise, take your time!



Anna Jane Houghton’s illustration and artwork draw inspiration from quite a few influences, from artists like David Hockney and Agnes Martin, as well as movements ranging from mid-century design to beatnik literature. Her work has a consistently feminine edge to it, whether the composition shows playful flora and fauna or an abstract pattern (or all of the above), and you can feel Houghton’s careful yet experimental hand in all of them.

She has been a part of several exhibitions for both her work in visual and sound media. You can follow Anna Jane Houghton’s work on Instagram, and look out for Anna’s prints becoming available right here with HOTSHU soon. Additionally, her EP based on the lives of several artists will be released in January 2022.

安娜-简-霍顿的插图和艺术作品从相当多的影响中汲取灵感,亦从大卫-霍克尼(David Hockney)和艾格尼丝-马丁(Agnes Martin)等艺术家,以及从本世纪中期设计到垮掉派文学等运动中汲取灵感。她的作品具有一贯的女性优势,无论构图显示的是俏皮的动植物还是抽象的图案,你都能在所有的作品中感受到霍顿小心翼翼而又充满实验性的手法。


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